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What our clients think!

  • Solas Consulting has been an excellent recruiting resource and partner for us as we establish our presence in the market place […]
  • “Solas Consulting understand our company requirements and have an excellent network of candidates available, Solas offer a very easy approach to […]
  • “We have worked with Solas Consulting for a number of years and found them to have a good understanding of […]
    • Mary Leahy
  • “Greenfinch Technology have used the Solas recruitment service for a number of years. Throughout this time we’ve found Solas to be […]
  • Action Point has worked with Solas for a number of years. They took the time to understand the importance we […]
  • “I have worked closely with Solas Consulting since 2012 and I have found them to be an excellent recruitment agency. Solas […]
  • Through Solas I have built a business relationship for recruiting Software Engineers at various levels. Solas has built trust, client rapport […]
  • Having recently worked with Solas from recruitment agency perspective. I have found the team to be very professional, friendly and proficient. […]

What our candidates think!

  • “Colleen (Quigley) is an excellent and pro-active recruiter who I cannot recommend highly enough. Extremely professional and organised, she listened thoroughly to what I was looking for and delivered accordingly. I am so happy to be joining an organisation where I will have the scope to develop my interests, something that Colleen managed very well. She is very knowledgeable in her field and an absolute pleasure to deal with.”

    • Siobhan Davoren
    • BA/Junior IT Project Manager
  • “Colleen (Quigley) has helped me to get my first job here in Ireland at The AA. Since the first call, she was very thoughtful and patient with me, she guided me through each step of the interview. I couldn’t be more grateful to her. If you are looking for a job and you want an excellent professional helping you, you definitely should talk to her. Thank you for everything Colleen.”

    • Rodrigo Schweitzer
    • Java Full Stack Developer
  • “Colleen (Quigley) works swiftly, offers great assistance and prepared to handle questions you have about the roles she shows you. In no time at all Colleen found me the next step in my career that matches my experience and ambitions.”

    • Andrew Sokolic
    • PHP Developer
  • John (Egan) is very approachable and competent. He helped me in finding the right place to continue with my career, and did so very quickly.

    He is always timely in providing feedback and assistance, and was open to feedback of my own to enable us to focus on the best opportunity available, in line with my skills and competencies.

    I highly recommend John to anyone looking for new business opportunities in IT in Ireland.

    • Filip Tijan
    • Software Engineer at Greenfinch Technology Ltd
  • Colleen helped me find the job I’m currently working in. She is the best recruitment agent I have used, she was extremely helpful and was in regular contact with me until I got the job I wanted. I cannot recommend her enough.

    • Chris McDermott
    • Production Support at JRI America Inc.
  • “I found Solas to be caring and willing to go an extra mile for candidate satisfaction. Difficult to see this attitude in any other agency”

    • Veera Chidambaram
  • “Solas have always been on time with payments which gives me peace of mind as a contractor, they have always been quick to respond to any questions and keeping me informed. I would highly recommend Solas for their expertise and professionalism.”

    • Ferdidando Aprovitolo
  • “Professional, friendly, expert knowledge .. in general, a great Agency”

    • Duncan Hunt
  • I was contacted by Solas and presented with a number of opportunities that suited my skillset. I dealt with one Account Manager who handled the process efficiently and proactively. I secured a contract with a really interesting company and though I’ve since finished this contract I now deal with Solas in a Client capacity and am happy to do so. I would highly recommend their services.

    • Attila Pall
  • I found Solas Consulting Group a pleasure to work with. The level of service is outstanding and second to none, they are well organized and were constantly keeping me updated throughout my progress while my application was being considered, from the initial application through to signing the contract. I would have no hesitation in recommending Solas.

    • Anton Whalley
  • Recently I was in the process of changing jobs. Fortunately Ryan found my cv online and helped me with setting up the interviews. From the outset I could see that he understood my skill set and for which companies I would be a great match. During the whole interview process I felt that I could rely on his guidance and expertise. His professionalism is what I admire the most. Ryan knew that I had other interviews but he never pressured me to make any decision in his favour. I am glad I had his help.

    • Xavier Glab
  • “John is a very proactive, professional and successful recruiter: Both John and the Solas Consulting team managed to negotiate an excellent job offer for me which I accepted. The Solas Consulting team were extremely helpful trough the whole recruitment process.  John gave valuable insights and strong support throughout the interview process while providing interview feedback as soon as it became available. I am very thankful to John and the Solas Consulting team for providing me with this opportunity.”

    • Luca Tempellini
  • “The Solas Consulting team were wonderful to work with throughout the entire recruitment process. They really added a personal touch to the whole recruitment cycle and found me my dream job! I cannot recommend Solas Consulting enough as they always had my best interests in mind.”

    • David Hendrick
  • I don’t normally write recommendations, but after working with John and the Solas team I have decided that I need to write a glowing one. When John first contacted me I taught he was just like any other recruiter, after my contacts and basically just one of those “recruiter-spammers”. Little to my surprise he was genuinely interested in me and my CV. He has put me in touch with some brilliant companies and he hooked me up with a brilliant job opportunity. He was kind enough to provide feedback every step of the way. John and the rest of the Solas Team are true professionals, they were very respectful and properly managed my expectations throughout the whole process. I am very grateful to have worked with Solas Consulting

    • Toni Kostellec
  • John and the Solas Consulting Team were instrumental in helping me to find my first graduate role. The Solas team were extremely helpful, providing guidance and assistance every step of the way. They were extremely efficient in providing me with interview feedback received from employers. They put in huge effort and time when responding to any questions I had. I would highly recommend John and the Solas Consulting team when searching for your next career move.

    • Ruta Ramanauskaite
01 244 9520