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A recent Solas IT Recruitment survey asked the question ‘Do You Feel That Your Employer Proactively Invests In Your Health And Wellbeing?’. The results showed us that only 18% of IT professionals in Ireland feel that their employers proactively invest in their health and wellbeing. A further 80% said that their employers do not and 2% said that, pre-pandemic, their employers invest in their health and wellbeing.

The importance of employee wellbeing comes down to treating people with care. Taking the steps to minimise workplace stress and creating work environments that are healthy and positive. Incidentally, studies show that when employers offer well-being initiatives, nearly 90% of employees would be willing to recommend that employer.

With a huge amount of Ireland’s workforce still working remotely, existing employee well-being models are being tested like never before. To assist you in reviewing and building well-being initiatives, here are five resources from Ireland’s health and employee wellness experts.

5 Employee Wellbeing Resources


1. National Framework for Healthy Workplaces

A month after the pandemic hit Ireland, the government created a National Framework for Healthy Workplaces in Ireland, which was then updated in 2022. This framework offers best practices, case studies and guidelines for implementing health and wellbeing activities at work. If you are starting from scratch or updating your existing wellbeing programmes, the framework is a good place to start. Learn more about the framework here.


The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) in Ireland has a wealth of practical resources available for employers. In the CIPD guide, they explain the key domains of well-being as well as the roles different people play. There is also a well-being helpline service for members. Get more info about CIPD resources.

3. Mind

Mind is on a mission to make sure everyone experiencing mental health issues gets support. Recognising the importance of mental health support in workplace wellbeing, they put together a free action plan download.

4. Work Well Hub

Sign up for one of the Work Well Hub webinars or browse their many wellbeing guides online. Their guides, reports and toolkits cover everything from mental health to domestic abuse guides for employers. Learn more.

5. Perkbox

Committed to enhancing employee experiences, Perkbox came up with twenty ideas for well-being initiatives for the workplace. Their ideas include well-being for health, social, financial and personal development. Get Perkbox’s 20 ideas.

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