Miriam Murphy

Miriam Murphy

Miriam joined Solas in August 2014 with over twenty-five years’ experience in a variety of sectors ranging from banking (AIB) to start-up (Circuit Broker – an electrical consultancy with her Husband, Des) to not-for- profit (Glencree Centre for Peace and Reconciliation – an organisation devoted to peace building in Ireland and internationally). Over the years, Miriam gained experience in a wide variety of areas such as finance, sales/marketing, project management, resource, facilities and event management. She even managed a Visitors Centre complete with Café and Exhibition Area and appeared on the television and radio! Solas is her first venture into the recruitment industry and all of this experience is proving invaluable as she copes with the diversity of tasks she is presented with on a daily basis. “This is my dream job and I learn something new every day (and forget 5 others)”!! Miriam is married to Des (whom she met through Scouting a long time ago!) and has three children – Emma, Robert and Luke. She has no spare time!!


  • “Colleen (Quigley) is an excellent and pro-active recruiter who I cannot recommend highly enough. Extremely professional and organised, she listened thoroughly to what I was looking for and delivered accordingly. I am so happy to be joining an organisation where I will have the scope to develop my interests, something that Colleen managed very well. She is very knowledgeable in her field and an absolute pleasure to deal with.”

    • Siobhan Davoren
    • BA/Junior IT Project Manager
  • “Colleen (Quigley) helped me find my current role and could not have been more helpful. She is one of the best recruitment agents I’ve worked with and has been very supportive throughout the entire process. I would have no hesitation in recommending her.”

    • David Burke
    • Senior Software Developer
  • “Colleen (Quigley) has helped me to get my first job here in Ireland at The AA. Since the first call, she was very thoughtful and patient with me, she guided me through each step of the interview. I couldn’t be more grateful to her. If you are looking for a job and you want an excellent professional helping you, you definitely should talk to her. Thank you for everything Colleen.”

    • Rodrigo Schweitzer
    • Java Full Stack Developer
  • “Colleen (Quigley) works swiftly, offers great assistance and prepared to handle questions you have about the roles she shows you. In no time at all Colleen found me the next step in my career that matches my experience and ambitions.”

    • Andrew Sokolic
    • PHP Developer
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