John Egan

John Egan

With a keen interest in client relations, recruitment is the career for me. My role is to build and maintain client and candidate relations while sourcing and placing top talent throughout Ireland. I enjoy working with candidates from various backgrounds including .Net, Java and QA. Coming from a sporting background I enjoy the competiveness of the IT Recruitment industry and the challenges involved.


  • John (Egan) is very approachable and competent. He helped me in finding the right place to continue with my career, and did so very quickly.

    He is always timely in providing feedback and assistance, and was open to feedback of my own to enable us to focus on the best opportunity available, in line with my skills and competencies.

    I highly recommend John to anyone looking for new business opportunities in IT in Ireland.

    • Filip Tijan
    • Software Engineer at Greenfinch Technology Ltd
  • “I would highly recommend John as a recruiter. With excellent communication skills, he’ll keep you in the loop from start to finish and will always offer help and guidance. Both John and his colleague Marty provided a great insight in to the company and provided helpful tips which resulted in my finding a new role”

    • Gavin Doherty
  • “I would like to thank John and the rest of the Solas Consulting team for helping me to secure my first permanent role in Ireland. Solas Consulting were instrumental in helping me find the ideal role for me. I would like to thank John and the rest of the Solas team and I would recommend them to anyone interested in new IT Development roles.”

    • Ricardo Merlin
  • “John is a very proactive, professional and successful recruiter: Both John and the Solas Consulting team managed to negotiate an excellent job offer for me which I accepted. The Solas Consulting team were extremely helpful trough the whole recruitment process.  John gave valuable insights and strong support throughout the interview process while providing interview feedback as soon as it became available. I am very thankful to John and the Solas Consulting team for providing me with this opportunity.”

    • Luca Tempellini
  • “The Solas Consulting team were wonderful to work with throughout the entire recruitment process. They really added a personal touch to the whole recruitment cycle and found me my dream job! I cannot recommend Solas Consulting enough as they always had my best interests in mind.”

    • David Hendrick
  • “It is thanks to John and the Solas Consulting team that I secured my first graduate role in the software industry! Both John and his colleague Margaret were most helpful and went above and beyond any other recruitment consultant I have dealt with. Information was relayed to me quickly and he called me after my interview to see how I did! A great personal touch. I was very impressed with Johns commitment to his work and I would highly recommend him. John was an absolute pleasure to deal with. Thank you John and Solas Consulting for helping me secure my first Software Testing role”

    • Padraig Mooney
  • I would like to recommend John and the rest of the guys at Solas Consulting, John approached me with one potential opportunity which I ended up accepting. John was available to answer any questions I had in regards to the company itself and their projects, while being prompt when providing feedback. John helped me every step of the way and I am very grateful.

    • John Ryan
  • I would like to recommend Solas Consulting as a recruitment agency. Solas were extremely efficient in finding the ideal role for me, I was able to sign a contract with the first company that they arranged an interview with. During the process John (whom I dealt with directly), was always available to answer my questions and always willing to negotiate with the company in order to find the best conditions for both parties. A huge thank you to both John and Solas.

    • Cristina Hinojosa
  • I don’t normally write recommendations, but after working with John and the Solas team I have decided that I need to write a glowing one. When John first contacted me I taught he was just like any other recruiter, after my contacts and basically just one of those “recruiter-spammers”. Little to my surprise he was genuinely interested in me and my CV. He has put me in touch with some brilliant companies and he hooked me up with a brilliant job opportunity. He was kind enough to provide feedback every step of the way. John and the rest of the Solas Team are true professionals, they were very respectful and properly managed my expectations throughout the whole process. I am very grateful to have worked with Solas Consulting

    • Toni Kostellec
  • John and the Solas Consulting team were instrumental in placing me in my new job. I would highly recommend working with John and the Solas Consulting in the tech sector where good skilled recruitment agents are few and far between. John was able to recognise and pair me with my ideal role. Thanks again John, hopefully we can work together again in the future!

    • Alan O'Sullivan
  • John and the Solas Consulting Team were instrumental in helping me to find my first graduate role. The Solas team were extremely helpful, providing guidance and assistance every step of the way. They were extremely efficient in providing me with interview feedback received from employers. They put in huge effort and time when responding to any questions I had. I would highly recommend John and the Solas Consulting team when searching for your next career move.

    • Ruta Ramanauskaite
  • I had the pleasure of working with John Egan and the guys at Solas Consulting while looking for my next career step. John was quick to follow-up, accessible,provided insight and helpful tips towards interview success. I would highly recommend John and Solas Consulting to any company looking to recruit or any prospective candidates

    • Marco Crispino
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