If you find yourself occasionally wondering if it’s time to find a new job, don’t worry. You’re not alone. A Solas IT Recruitment poll found that 85% of IT professionals in Ireland intended to find a new job this year. More importantly, there are plenty of IT job opportunities in Ireland for you to choose from.

Still not sure if you’re having a bad day or if it really is time to move on? Maybe this will help. Below, we’ve listed the top 6 reasons that IT professionals in Ireland gave for moving jobs. If you can relate to any of these, get in touch with us today to see how our IT Recruitment consultants can help you make the next step in your IT career.


1.  They Were Overqualified Or Underpaid


Being overqualified for the job you do could sound like an advantage. After all, doesn’t that mean you will find the job easier? In truth, our candidates tell us that being overqualified for the job they have is frustrating.

Some candidates told us that they found themselves overqualified as they were stuck in entry-level jobs. Entry-level jobs are useful for gaining experience and getting your foot in the door with an attractive employer. However, there is a limit to how long you should stay in an entry-level job. To gain the most experience, stay for a minimum of one year. If then there is no opportunity for you to advance to a higher level, stay for one more year at most.

Other candidates that we placed in new IT jobs, told us that they had gained new skills and qualifications since starting. This meant that they outgrew their existing role and wanted a more challenging job.

The consistent theme for both those who were stuck in entry roles and overqualified was that they were underpaid. This is typical for employees who have outgrown their jobs. Sometimes it can be rectified with a frank conversation with your manager but if this fails then it is time to check the IT jobs ads.


2.  The Monday Fear Has Become Unbearable


After a weekend of fun and relaxation, it’s natural to not feel overly enthusiastic about returning to work on Monday. To a certain extent, most people dislike Mondays but then quickly get past that feeling as they settle into the working day.

If you truly dread going to work then it may be your subconscious trying to tell you something. Experiencing sustained anxiety ahead of the workweek could be a sign that you are no longer enjoying your job. This could be for many reasons, such as lack of job satisfaction, toxic work culture or loneliness at work.

If you find that the Monday Fear has become unbearable, consider moving jobs.


3.  There Are A Lot Of Unsettling Changes Happening With Your Current Employer


Change can be for the better or for the worse. When changes happen in the workplace it can leave you feeling unsettled and worried about the future.

Recent candidates that we worked with decided to find new jobs after their employers started laying people off. Though their own jobs had not been affected directly, they felt that it was only a matter of time. They felt the safer option was to look for new IT roles in Ireland before they were laid off too. And before competition in the IT job market got too fierce.

Other changes that have left people feeling unsettled include new management, budget cuts and friction between department heads.

4.  Everyone Else Is Leaving


Ever been in a position where colleagues started to leave in high numbers but you weren’t sure why?

If you do find yourself in this position, start asking people what’s making them leave. It could be a case of them finding a better employer or being headhunted by a recruiter. Finding out this kind of information could mean that you too could take advantage of the opportunities they have identified. It’s better to ask than be left behind.


5.  You Don’t Feel Valued


When you’re not valued at work, it’s not always obvious what the issue is. First, you might notice that you’re being ignored or that your ideas are quickly dismissed. Maybe you’ve noticed that your team leader/manager has become cold to you when previously you enjoyed a cordial working relationship.

Whatever alerts you to the fact you are no longer valued, it could be time to move jobs. If you’re not sure, talk it over with a trusted friend to see what they think. Maybe even consider making an appointment to chat with your manager. Their coldness might be unintentional and unrelated to you, sometimes it’s better to be upfront to clear the air. If after these conversations you still feel the same, start planning for a better job where you will be valued.

6.  The Culture Has Changed


Office and company culture is a huge part of job satisfaction. How colleagues behave, the attitudes and the environment you work in all affect how we feel and work. When you find a job with an employer where the culture is a perfect match to your character and ethics, you will enjoy your job more.

Overtime, company cultures can change. New team members with dominating character traits. New owners who want to do everything differently. External and internal pressures such as recessions and restructuring can all lead to a cultural shift. More often than not these changes can be temporary. However, when they are not, it can lead to a great deal of dissatisfaction for employees who preferred the old culture.

If a company culture or any of the reasons above are the catalyst for you changing roles, then get in touch with Solas IT Recruitment. Our Recruitment Consultants are truly focussed on the importance of finding a job that suits your character and skills so you will be valued as you should be.

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